Steve Raye

Steve Raye is  the host of the Monday series on the Italian Wine Podcast Channel titled “Get U.S. Market-Ready with Italian Wine People”. The series has been running for over two years and 120 episodes and has garnered a significant audience of 20,000 monthly listeners, primarily from the U.S. as well as an international audience. As he states in his intro, the podcast is oriented to listeners looking for answers for “How to”, but also “How else”.

Steve is also the author of the book “How to Get U.S. Market Ready” which he wrote in collaboration with Stevie Kim and her wine2digital team. The book is effectively a toolkit to help Italian wine companies make strategically sound and data-driven decisions and plans for U.S. market entry. In addition to being a return speaker for many years at the wine2wine Business Forum, Steve has presented at Vinitaly, and done special projects for ITA New York office.  He lectures at both the University of Bologna Business School and Cornell University on the U.S. wine market.

In his spare time, he is principal at Bevology, Inc., where he serves as a consultant to wine and spirit brands looking for practical ways to break into the U.S. Market.


The Power of Podcasting: It’s all About Conversations

In this thought-provoking presentation, Steve Raye, one of the most popular hosts of the Italian Wine Podcast, offers his insider perspective on podcasting. Podcasts are evolving into a powerful tool for getting people to talk…about wine, wine brands, and the mechanics of the market.

Let’s be very clear upfront.  Steve doesn’t have all the answers or the “silver bullet” for making tons of money through podcasting. But he will be asking (and answering) a lot of questions we all have about how the wine industry in the U.S. is changing – not just for consumers but for the trade as well.

While the “Three-Tier System” in the U.S. may seem Byzantine in complexity, Steve’s podcast “Get U.S. Market-Ready With Italian Wine People” is a rational, sane, inspirational guide. It focuses not just on “how,” but “how else.” He’s interviewed producers, importers, distributors, retailers, control state decision makers, and a whole host of people who are shaping the evolution of the U.S. market.

Some 20,000 people a month listen to the podcast. As the host, Steve has learned a thing or two and this presentation distills that experience into valuable takeaways for you.

Attendees will walk away with new knowledge, perspective, and some innovative ways of leveraging the power of conversation to make a brand’s story into a journey of discovery.