FOCUS 2022

The focus of the 2022 Forum is Wine Communication in all its forms, from traditional – such as PR and press – to the use of social and digital mediums; from developments in education and training to the application of the most innovative new communicative tools. The wine2wine Business Forum 2022 sessions aims to provide an overview of the main trends and developments in this context, inviting speakers and the public to reflect together on what works and what doesn’t in communicating wine today, both in Italy and abroad.

In recent years, the wine industry’s choices in terms of communication and marketing have been reviewed and even revolutionized. Firstly, in response to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic; then, to adapt to the so-called new normal. New channels and methods of communication have found fertile ground and, even though they were initially considered temporary solutions, some have now been embraced as essential tools that remain valid in the medium-long term. Furthermore, strategies and tools used successfully in the past are no longer effective and must now be revised or even abandoned.

Wine Communication is a topic that affects all operators in the supply chain. Anyone who produces, sells, promotes or teaches wine must get the right message to the right audience using the right medium. For the 2022 edition, wine2wine Business Forum offers a program that will shed new light on the fascinating but complex world of wine communication, offering ideas and insights to companies and professionals as they seek to navigate the challenges and opportunities of wine communication in an increasingly modern and global context.