FOCUS 2021

The 2021 edition of the wine2wine Business Forum will reflect on the multiple limits imposed over the last year. First of all, geographical borders: the advent of COVID-19 restricted import-export opportunities on a global scale, and in order to effectively restart activity, understanding the situation is of primary importance.


The 2021 wine2wine Business Forum sessions produced detailed data, analysis and insights of the most successful markets and regions of interest in the wine business and made it available to companies and wine professionals. The aim was to provide an overview of world wine markets in the current post-pandemic phase, to orient wine business professionals that are now in progressive recovery, those in foreign investments, and to help them to overcome technological, logistical and cultural limitations.


The wine2wine Business Forum 2021 program includes solutions to several other obstacles that, for various reasons, could threaten real-time recovery within the wine sector. For example, the psychological barriers that are a result of experiencing a pandemic, and overcoming them, in order to peacefully return to everyday activities. Even the mundane things like going to the office or attending events; or the socio-cultural ones such as making interpersonal relations more accessible in order to create a more inclusive wine industry. Then there are also barriers imposed by habit, patterns that should be broken in order to stop using marketing strategies that no longer work today.


The list of speakers and the details of the sessions are now being defined and constantly updated.