What is wine2wine?

wine2wine is an international wine business Forum, held annually in Verona Italy since 2014. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and a diverse variety of wine professionals, eager to develop and grow their wine business worldwide.

wine2wine Business Forum was nominated for the 2019 Born Digital Wine Awards, a competition that rewards quality content related to the wine world: online publications, audiovisual and photographic content, original formats and innovative media such as podcasts.

wine2wine Business Forum provides a unique opportunity to reflect, discuss and share Business Ideas on the most important issues facing the rapidly evolving international wine industry. It is a chance for the community to connect and combine its common passion and diverse expertise towards shaping a prosperous and sustainable wine industry.






wine2wine Business Forum Format


wine2wine Business Forum takes place over two days and features engaging and relevant seminars and interactive workshops. The speakers are renowned experts in their field and among the brightest minds in the wine world from both Italy and abroad. The thought-provoking discussion topics aim to equip participants with practical tools and include relevant themes.


Uniting New Technologies & Wine: It is overwhelming to keep abreast of the world of new technologies and yet the immense potential they present makes it a critical necessity. From blockchain technology, to augmented reality, to the latest wine apps: we need to demystify and render them more inclusive! The aim is to create an actionable manifesto, focused on what digital wine trends can truly do to enrich your wine business.


Revolutionizing Marketing & Communication Strategies: Advances in neuroscience research, digital analytics and other innovations are transforming communication strategies and brand creation. How do we use these insights to more effectively communicate the story of our wines to consumers? Marketing wine has become more complex with the emergence of new global markets, diverse consumers and the prominence of e-commerce, requiring context-specific strategies.

Humanizing Management & Leadership: With all the focus on ‘digitizing’, ‘new technologies’ and ‘data and algorithm-driven management’, we can forget that human relationships and robust leadership still underpin successful wine businesses. How do we embrace technology while making sure it doesn’t bring out the worst in us?


Understanding Export Markets: The vitality and profitability of the wine industry is intimately linked to understanding global and local market trends and dynamics. These sessions provide in-depth market profiles and fresh thinking on how to boost sales in the most important ‘established’ export markets, as well as insights on ‘new’ high-potential export markets worth keeping your eye on.


Exemplifying Ecological & Social Sustainability: Everyone is talking about ‘sustainability’ but how do we avoid empty buzzwords and give real substance to this call to action? The direct economic resonance of climate change to the wine industry, has in part contributed to an urgent focus on ecological sustainability. Can visionary leadership expand this, to embrace the social aspects of sustainability across the wine value-chain?


wine2wine Business Forum also provides unparalleled opportunities for wine professionals to build networks through both informal engagements and structured business and networking spaces and sessions.

Why do we need wine2wine Business Forum?

The global economy in general and the wine industry in particular is faced with both complex challenges and opportunities, linked to increasing global competition and recurrent economic crisis.

These wider dynamics, coupled with rapid technological innovations, are reshaping how wine production and distribution are organised, the nature of the value creating process, and ultimately how wine businesses interact with consumers.

wine2wine provides a forum for wine producers and industry professionals who want to remain informed, to share ideas about how to successfully navigate these changes and to ultimately leave with actionable tools to improve their wine businesses.

The event is a critical dialogue on how the wine community can embrace change, in a way that protects the rich heritage of wine and winemaking.


Join us! Extend your knowledge, share your expertise, get answers to your questions, enrich your networks and inspire change in the future of the wine industry!