Silvia Franco

Silvia studied Interior Design in Milan and practiced in several architecture and design studios. In 2006, after starting the AIS sommelier course, she decided to return to Valdobbiadene to collaborate in the family business, Nino Franco Spumanti, working alongside his father Primo and mother Annalisa, who has been taking care of the management of the Villa Barberina accommodation facility since 2008. The fourth generation of a family of wine producers, she began a training path in the field. Training has been key for her since the beginning of her working career: she earned an AIS diploma, and attended several courses and master’s degrees at Unindustria Treviso and SDA Bocconi, in order to deepen her knowledge of the business and production system; she took systemic leadership courses in order to improve the business system; she also improved her knowledge in wine technique and culture by taking the WSET level 2 and 3 courses.

Since the start of her experience in the family business she has been in charge of the domestic and international commercial area, and she travels wherever Nino Franco’s presence is significant. She has always kept contact with the outside world, and this allows her to constantly broaden her work experience. Over the years she has been involved in different business sectors and is currently in charge of sales, business organization, internal and external relations, and general management.

How to Stand Out to Consumers and the Media When Everyone Else Tells the Exact Same Italian Wine Story

Italian wineries are steeped in tradition, from multi-generational leadership to a focus on the vineyard to passion-driven purpose. However, when every winery says the same thing about passion, tradition and lineage, there is no differentiation or unique message in the eyes of consumers and the media. This session offers a technique to drill down to a winery’s “root cause,” which identifies your winery’s “individual DNA.”