Nicolò Zambello

Born in 1987, Nicolò Zambello, CEO & Co-Founder of Chef in Camicia, after graduating in Economics leaves for Australia and starts working in haute cuisine. He then returns to Italy, throwing himself into the world of start-ups. From the world of wine he switches to catering and then breaks through with Chef in Camicia, the first Italian food media vertical company, founded in 2015 together with his two childhood friends, Andrea Navone and Luca Palomba. In 2020, the most ambitious challenge ever: Acadèmia, the first international e-learning platform for food & beverage featuring the most renowned Chefs in the industry. Throughout his journey there is always a fil rouge: passion for food.

I’m a tiny boat in a sea of content: how to stand out

How to confront the vast ocean of social media, will be addressed by the experts participating in this panel. There are millions of posts that flood social platforms every day, in the attempt to convey a message, promote a product, or empower a brand. Selected from among the most significant wine influencers currently in the market, these speakers will bring their experience in the field of social communication to highlight the most successful strategies for creating interesting and effective content for the target audience and capturing the most users’ attention and interaction.