Fabrizio Carrera

Born in Palermo on 31 July 1965, Fabrizio Carrera has been a professional journalist since 1993. He took his first steps in the editorial staff of the Giornale di Sicilia and today is deputy head of services of that same journal. In 2007 he became founder, editor, and managing editor of the online food and wine newspaper cronachedigusto.it. He has also created several national and international events dedicated to the world of food and wine. His flagship event, Taormina Gourmet, is a gathering of insiders, winelovers, journalists, masters of wine, importers, and other wine people held annually at the end of October that includes masterclasses, tasting tables, cooking demonstrations and press tours. Each year Taormina Gourmet welcomes over 150 wineries from all over Italy and the participation of some of the country’s top chefs. Through the Cronache di Gusto, Fabrizio publishes an annual Guide to the Wines of Etna – with text in Italian and English – that is sold in bookstores and through the online newspaper. He has also created the annual Wine Power List, a ranking of the 100 most powerful figures in Italian wine, which is published in a magazine circulated at the Vinitaly trade show and now also online. Fabrizio also organizes the Sud Top Wine competition in which a group of leading international experts evaluate the best wines from southern Italy each year.

Does wine journalism really exist? What is it for? What are its uses?

This session presents a panel discussion with leading figures from Italian wine journalism. The objective is to consider the quality of information and communication surrounding wine today. Correct and effective information is an essential tool for companies and relates directly to sales and customer loyalty. From this perspective, journalists will explore the current status of Italian wine journalism: is it really in step with the times? What role does it play for Italian wineries? What are its strengths and what are its weaknesses? What needs to change in order to better promote Italian wineries and encourage consumer interest and sales? Journalist Chiara Giannotti, creator of Vino.tv and well-known face of wine communication in Italy, will moderate the panel discussion.