Vannessa Koko Djaba

Vannessa Koko Djaba is the CEO and owner of VDB Consultancy and Trade Ghana Limited with interests and investments in Fashion and Clothing, Real Estate, and the Food & Beverage Industries.

Originally from Ghana and raised in London, Vanessa Koko Djaba graduated from the London College of Fashion with a BA (Hons) degree in 1997. After college she honed her retail and branding skills working in the buying sector for some of the UK’s leading retail clothing chains. She later worked in the marketing division of Nike and Adidas at their European and World headquarters, respectively. Here, she led several product innovative projects – producing record breaking revenues at both firms. This experience was pivotal in developing Koko’s entrepreneurial skills in addition to her design creativity. In 2003, Koko left the corporate world to pursue an entrepreneurial journey, and this led to the creation of her luxury leather goods brand called Koko Bottoli. Koko Bottoli bags graced fashion shows and boutiques around the world.

In 2015, VDB Consultancy and Trade GH Ltd decided to take the wineries to the client, an idea with the purpose of creating a personal relationship between wineries and the wine lover, the clients, and the trade in Ghana. This idea birthed VINAFRICA, a unique wine festival and trade show, where wineries have the unique opportunity to experience the realities on ground, breath the same air as the African clients, experience how and where the wines are consumed, the foods that the wines are paired with, and create relationships with the market.

Vannessa Koko Djaba has received national and international recognition for her role in the African wine space; she’s perceived as one of the most influential persons in wines in Ghana and as a pillar in the Italian wine category.

The African wine market – Why, Where, How and Whom should I be partnering with!

According to the United Nations, by 2050, 25% of the World Population will be Africans. 2050 is in 28 years and most of us and the wineries we represent will still be alive. What’s our plan to develop a relationship with this market?

The African wine market session will serve as an eye opener to quite an obscure market with the intention of giving the participants the right tools to enter or develop an existing presence on this very important market for the present and the future.

For the present, Africa’s wine market represents one of the fastest growing geographies. A major contributor to this growth is the rapid rise of the middle class in major markets like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.