Tomislav Tuđen

Tomislav Tuđen comes from Zagreb, he works as the executive director of Miva & Mohor Trgovina, the leading wine distributor company in Croatia. Always keen to improve his education, he is currently attending WSET Diploma classes. In the wine business for the last 18 years, his goal is to promote and present Croatian wines to the world. Since 2016 he has been officially designated as Riedel’s ambassador.

Who sells wine in Croatia?

The country of 1000 islands and big diversity. Even though relatively small, the Croatian market is becoming more interesting in the last years to the foreign wineries. As a tourist country, Croatia is selling mostly local wines, but as the wine culture is growing there are opportunities for imported wines as well. Get to know Croatia, its wines, and which are the best ways to enter this market. How to find the best distributor for your needs, which wines to offer and what has changed due to the pandemic – find out in this 30 minutes session