Summer Lee

Summer Lee is a staff journalist specialized in covering news in the food and travel industries for the Korea JoongAng Daily, an English daily in Korea. She tells the global community what’s hot among locals in Korea, and brings new updates from all across the world to readers in Asia. She works closely with restaurant chefs, sommeliers, hotel managers and any culinary or travel experts to make informative yet exciting reading materials, and also provides insights she has gathered from her experiences. She shares her daily food journey on her Instagram @summerlytaste to record what she experiences.


The 5 wine market trends of South Korea

With the pandemic, Korea’s wine market has actually gotten bigger than ever. The country saw over a 27-percent increase in wine imports last year, compared to the statistics from the year before. In this session, Summer Lee and Hong Dongmyung talk about what new wine trend is seen in the country and what had contributed the most to make the wine market expand further. Learn more about what Koreans are drinking right now and how that’s going to shape up the wine scene in the coming years.


Does Gen MZ lead South Korean market growth?

This session will offer an overview of the wine market in South Korea, highlighting how much the market has grown up during the Covid-19 situation. The most popular kind of wines of this period will be presented, considering whether the trends will continue.The consumption power of MZ Generation will also be addressed, starting from the new concept of wine culture for them and how can we use it for Italian wines.