Steven Raye

Steve Raye is author of the new book “How to Get U.S. Market Ready” which he wrote in collaboration with Stevie Kim and her Wine2Digital team. The book is effectively a toolkit to help Italian wine companies make strategically sound and data-driven decisions and plans for U.S. market entry. He is also the host of a series on the Italian Wine Podcast Channel titled “How to Get U.S. Market-Ready with Steve Raye” featuring 10 minute sessions on key content from the book.

In addition to Wine2Wine, Steve has presented at Vinitaly, and done special projects for ItalTrade/ICE New York office.. He lectures at Bologna Business School and Cornell University on the U.S. wine market. He also has written for Meininger’s Wine Business International and Wine Meridian.

For the 2020 Wine2Wine event he will be interviewing a key decision maker in the Three-Tier System about the impact Covid-19 is having on the U.S. import wine business, and exploring ways Italian producers can adapt to this “next reality.”

E-commerce in the U.S. market: new “post-COVID” tools

Covid has had a significant impact on the U.S. market, particularly in terms of the expansion of wine e-commerce apps, sites and tools.

Sales to consumers can now take place, on-premise (HoReCa), off-premise (retail) and “e-premise.”

Producers need to understand the structures of the various tools and platforms supporting e-commerce as it is now being conducted in the U.S. And further, you’ll learn about ways to use these new tools to get past the roadblocks and complications that commonly occur going through a traditional agency-brand importer model.

One of the fundamental factors in understanding the E-comm wine universe in the U.S. is “who owns the relationship data?” In the case of third-party facilitators such as Drizly, they do. In the case of services such as CityHive and similar retailer direct-to-consumer solutions, it’s the retail store. We’ll discuss why this matters and how the difference can be leveraged to drive sales of your brand.

We’ll also parse out distinctions that differentiate the component tools and strategies of E-commerce. These include DtC (direct to consumer from domestic winery), intra-state retailer to consumer delivered by either common carrier or the store itself, and retailer to consumer interstate by common carrier.