Sarah Heller MW

Sarah Heller MW is a wine expert, visual artist and television host based in Hong Kong. At 31, she is Asia-Pacific’s youngest Master of Wine. Sarah created Radix, a branded platform that endeavours to engage a new generation of wine lovers in Asia and beyond through projects. Aside from all this, she is a partner and buyer for the Almásy Collection of wines; brand ambassador and design collaborator for Lucaris Crystal; she is a Vinitaly International Academy faculty member; the wine editor for Asia Tatler; chairman of WINE100, China’s largest wine competition; and a host of the television series Wine Masters. Independently, she is the creator of an art series called Visual Tasting Notes, as well as a series of educational videos that has reached nearly 5 million students. She is frequently invited to speak on topics such as the Asian wine market as well as wine marketing and E-commerce. In 2019, she was made a member of the judging committee of the IWSC.

Multisensory: expanding the wine communication toolkit

Verbal communication about wine, broadly treated like the default, has its limits, potentially hindering our ability to reach new customers and capture their imaginations, particularly as the market for wine expands into new regions and cultural contexts.  Non-verbal communication about wine, while not yet mainstream, is being employed by different players within the wine industry to intriguing effect.  The session will feature two major examples of non-verbal sensory content related to wine, exploring lessons learned and impacts on the relevant wines/brands.