Sara Braca

Sara Braca is a passionate international marketing executive based in Tuscany. She has more than 13 years of experience driving growth for global brands across the Kraft Heinz, Danone and PepsiCo portfolio. She loves diving deeply into the hearts and minds of consumers and combining digital with more traditional marketing approaches to drive reach. She seeks every opportunity to motivate teams, build culturally relevant brands and learn from industry peers. Most recently, she led the US Hummus and Guacamole portfolio for Sabra, a division of PepsiCo.

Sara began her career in finance at JPMorgan and still carries an abiding affection for Excel and budgets. A strong desire for balance between spreadsheets and her creative vision drove her to pursue a career in marketing after graduation from The Wharton School. She is very excited to bring her passion, deep consumer insights and marketing expertise to the world of wine.

Outside of work, Sara is an Italophile and a passionate advocate of the transformative power of travel. When she’s not working or traveling, she’s probably practicing yoga or spending time with her tuxedo cat (just not at the same time).

The Quest to Democratize Wine: Increasing Access and Inclusivity in the Wine Industry

The wine industry is suffering. There is a perceived “barrier to entry” that for years went unchecked. But now we are losing a younger generation of wine drinkers who cannot afford the wines of their parents generation and who are intolerant of any notion of elitism/snobbery, to the Ready to Drink category. This is a generation that values authenticity, health, sustainability, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. In other words a generation that will go around the gatekeeper as we saw with Shawn Carter, aka Jayz when faced with a choice, called out the racist comment, took his fans and built his own brand, i.e. “ I don’t need you, you need me”. Is alternative packaging the answer. “Drinkers ages 21 to 34 represent only 15% of bottled wine buyers but 26% of canned wine buyers and 29% of canned sparkling wine buyers,” By leveraging new formats that can: help reduce the “barrier to entry”, is better for the environment and will fit into their active lifestyle, alternative packaging can provide new revenue streams for the industry. At Archer Roose, we set out to democratize high quality wine by bringing a better, consciously-made glass of wine to consumers, in a format to fit their lifestyles and freeing it from “special occasions so it can be enjoyed at an accessible price point-everyday .