Sandro Camilli

Shelves filled with wine magazines and books tell a story with the love for cooking and wine at its very core. Sandro Camilli turned his passion into a profession after years of hard work in a restaurant, where he began to hone his senses. From experience to essence, his life changed twenty years ago thanks to his meeting with AIS, a fixed star in a constellation of studies, Master degrees and wine marketing courses that literally showed him the way forward. After obtaining his Sommelier certificate, he contributed increasingly to the development of AIS Umbria, first as Delegate and then becoming its President, a position he held for twelve years. He had the chance to cultivate his passions during several journeys to the discovery of excellence, among typical regional and European products. During his educational path in wine – which began perhaps late but has not been interrupted since – and even today, Sandro’s greatest teacher is humility, not only in transmitting his passion, but also and above all in spreading and enriching food and wine culture.

Italian wine guides: are they still effective communication tools?

Among the various tools for promoting Italian wine culture, wine guides historically had two main tasks: to reward the producers of the featured wines, and to help readers navigate the Italian wines on offer. Is this still the case? The panel of experts gathered for this session will present their views, discussing the current role of wine guides for the different parties involved. For producers, the concrete opportunities represented by participating in selections for a guidebook will be explored. Panelists will also discuss who the readers of these publications are today, and which specific questions they want answered. The wine guide itself as an editorial product will also be observed, considering its various formats in paper, digital or App.