Per Buhl

Per Buhl has a Business Diploma in Marketing Economy. 50% owner and CEO of Laudrup Vin, he started this import company some 30 years ago, after + 20 years in the Logistics, Transport and shipping industry. Its main focus is on quality wines from cool climate medium size suppliers around the world, mainly from France, Spain, USA, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, and preferably sustainable, organic, biodynamic. Today, Landrup Vin imports from + 130 suppliers with 1400 different wines; its turnover is +10 mill. €, with 25 employees. The company sells to all segments in Denmark – HORECA, Retail, B2B, on-line shops etc. – and a minor part to Sweden and Faroe Island. Per Buhl’s 50% financial partner is ex football striker and coach Michael Laudrup.

Trends on the Scandinavian markets – Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark

With the help of four importers from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, this session will give an overview of the Scandinavian markets today. The markets in the Scandinavian countries, except for Denmark, are heavily influenced by State monopolies. Which are the ongoing trends, how necessary are the organic and sustainable certifications and what about the future of Italian wine in Scandinavia?