Oscar Farinetti

Oscar Farinetti (full name Natale Oscar Farinetti) was born on the 24th of September, during harvest time, in 1954, an excellent vintage for wine in Alba, the capital of the Langhe, by mother Bianca from Barolo, and father Paolo from Barbaresco. He lives on the tip of a hill, among his vineyards. He founded Unieuro (electronics) and then Eataly (food). At the end of 2020 he launched his third major project: Green Pea, a huge department store entirely dedicated to high quality and design non-food products, but at the same time sustainable because built in harmony with the earth, air and water. He owns several farms where he grows and processes organic products. He has received two Honoris Causa degrees, has written various successful books and holds lectures around the world. His specialty consists in being able to describe in a simple but suggestive way how to create a project, tell his idea of what marketing is and define the actions necessary to successfully face the future. Through an innovative vision that is based on rules and feelings, poetry and mathematics, moves and human relationships. Oscar donates all the revenues of his lectures to two non-profit foundations; the Mirafiore Foundation that deals with spreading literature among ordinary people, and Earth (Eataly Art House) that deals with spreading art among ordinary people.

Lost art of listening