Orazio Vagnozzi

Orazio Vagnozzi is director of the wine section of Passione Gourmet and angel investor. After more than twenty years as a partner of a multinational management consultancy, he decided to dedicate himself to food and wine, his passions. He writes about wine in specialized magazines, teaches wine courses and evaluates fine bottles. In his spare time he loves to share the wines of his cellar with friends.

Wine influencers: evolution, prospects and impact on wine lovers and market

From the columns by Luigi Veronelli to the photos, videos and podcasts on the main social platforms: the figure of the “wine communicator” has seen over the years a profound evolution in characteristics, language, modes and means of expression to tell the vast and complex world of wine to the public of wine lovers. Up to the explosion, during the months of lockdown, of the phenomenon of “wine influencers”. If the backgrounds are often very different and the skills on the world of wine are more or less profound, wine influencers undoubtedly have in common enormous communicative skills and the ability to intercept the curiosity of young wine lovers, eager to learn a little more about wine and wine pairings in a simple and fast way. But who are the “wine influencers” today? And how do they impact consumers and the market? In response, the session will retrace the evolution of wine influencers from the 1980s to the present day, analyze the use of new media and communication tools, and trace the profile of new wine lovers and their relationship with wine influencers, to understand what is their actual impact on the market.