Nadia Zenato

Eclectic by nature, eager to face new challenges and to put herself into play, Nadia Zenato was born in Peschiera del Garda, on the southern shores of the lake overlooking the family estates. She immediately felt that her destiny would be tied to that land, but also to her desire to travel, discover the world and confront other realities. After studying law with a thesis on wine legislation, a specialization in international law and a Master’s degree in business communication and one on the world of wine, she joined the family business. Her first commitment was to form a commercial network that would express the values and quality of Zenato.

From Italy, to the continuous work on internationalization, consolidating the historical markets, such as the USA, Canada, Northern Europe, and dedicating to new commercial developments in emerging countries such as China, South East Asia, Japan, Africa, Brazil, India, etc. with a very precise strategy: working in teams with importers to transfer the history, culture and traditions of our country and the values behind the Zenato labels.

In addition to focusing on strategy and sales network, Nadia Zenato is in charge of marketing and communication for the company, convinced that communicating wine is a very special mission. It means taking it out of the vineyard, out of the cellar, to exalt and ennoble it in all its variations. Hence also the projects related to the world of art and culture and the pairing with Italian brands of haute couture. Her work in the company has always been accompanied by the awareness, inherited from her father, of never taking anything for granted. Her love for her land and for aesthetics, her desire to push the limits further, led her to put herself in the game, together with her mother Carla, with another very personal challenge: to create a red wine in a land of whites, Sansonina. In La Sansonina there is all of Nadia: a wine that represents her, with roots well planted in the territory and in consolidated knowledge, but with the urge to dare, to experiment; a place that recalls and stimulates beauty, aesthetic sense and art.

From the world of wine, from her personal sensitivity for the landscape, the harmony of shapes, craftsmanship and art, Nadia Zenato also draws inspiration for her own personal creative path that has led her to create Nadia Zenato Jewelry, the first collection of jewelry whose common denominator is the use, and often also the recycling, corks, caps, overcorks, next to the symbols of the world of wine.

Nadia Zenato is a member of YPO, an international network that gathers more than 22 000 entrepreneurs and managers in 125 countries with the aim of sharing ideas and experiences and achieving higher goals of both human and professional growth.

Growing the field of Hispanic wine educators

The Hispanic consumer in the US (defined as people with origins in Latin America or Spain) is a significant segment of the US market both in terms of size and economic importance. Wine consumption among US Hispanic consumers has grown considerably during the last few years and represents a large, untapped opportunity. Hispanics have close cultural, linguistic, and culinary ties with many winegrowing countries and share similar values. However, the industry faces several challenges to accelerate this growth. Hispanic wine educators have the potential of acting as a bridge to reach these consumers with culturally relevant initiatives, training, and resources.