Matthew Horkey

Dr. Matthew Horkey has authored four books (Travel Learn Earn, Uncorking The Caucasus, Sipping Santa Barbara, and Cracking Croatian Wine). His wine writing has appeared on and Wine Folly. An experienced public speaker in his pre-wine life, he’s been a guest speaker at the American University of Rome, Life University, and various companies including Microsoft, TripAdvisor, Norton Rose, and JP Morgan. Dr. Horkey is passionate about learning and trying traditional and unique wines, sharing information with people, and turning them on to wine. He does that now predominantly via the  Exotic Wine Travel YouTube channel.

Wine clubs in Clubhouse

The latest social media app, Clubhouse was launched last year in April of 2020. Working on an invite-only policy, Clubhouse can be summed up as a platform that brings together the feel of a podcast with genuine audience participation. The exclusive feel of the invite and the ability to say your piece is a powerful social media tool. In the online playing field Clubhouse opens a lot of doors for wine professionals. Wineries, sommeliers, small businesses, importers, and wine writers can harness the potential this app provides to get closer to their customers, network across the world, learn new online skills, and create virtual experiences.