Matteo Ranghetti

After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Automation Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, his professional experience has matured in various countries in Europe, Africa and South America in the Oil & Gas sector. Passionate about wine, lover of the Italian territory and food&wine culture, he returned to Italy in 2019 to found Divinea, where he currently holds the role of CEO.

Wine Suite: a tool that helps wineries to increase Direct to Consumer sales

Over the past 18 months, more and more wineries have realized how fundamental Direct to Consumer sales are: Italy is one of the leading wine producers in the world but, at the same time, it is still not very competitive in sales to private clients. Matteo Ranghetti, founder of Divinea, will present Wine Suite, the software that exploits the potential of using data to increase sales conversion and improve customer shopping experiences.