Massimo Tuzzi

Massimo Tuzzi, 48 years old, from Friuli, has been at the top of Terra Moretti Vino since September 2020, after a long experience in the wine sector that began in 1997. Chief Executive Officer of the companies of the group: Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, Petra, Sella & Mosca, Tenuta la Badiola, Tuzzi is today at the head of one of the main companies in the wine sector with 1150 hectares of vineyards located in some of the most suitable areas of Italian viticulture. Consolidation of the generational transition and management and enhancement of human capital: the cornerstones of his mandate

Vision 2030: Building a shared future for Italian wine

Vision 2030 is the first project to define a strategy for the development of the Italian wine-growing system, the result of the analysis and experience of entrepreneurs and managers of wine companies in our country. A project that stems from the production base with the precise objective of bringing out the concrete demands of the sector and, consequently, to be able to provide the most coherent possible answers to the real needs of Italian wine companies and in line with the dynamics of the markets. For the first time, therefore, also in the light of the rapid evolution of the markets of recent years, including the acceleration dictated by the current pandemic, the Italian production system has felt the need to elaborate analyses and proposals capable of guaranteeing the competitiveness of the Italian wine sector, thinking about the present moment but also looking into the near future. Vision 2030 is a project open to the entire wine sector and aims, in this direction, to stimulate all the different segments of the business to develop their own reflections both on the state of the art of the sector and on possible solutions that can best capitalize on the potential of the Italian wine system.