Marius Odland

Marius Odland is educated within marketing and communication. At an early stage, he started with journalism, developing into founding magazines and becoming editor for several of them. In 2009 he started the magazine Wine&Spirits in Norway (Vin&Brennevin /, and was the editor for 7 years.

Marius is also a certified Sommelier, and has been holding wine courses, and multiple wine tastings for consumers and Horeca for many years. He has also been involved in wine import. Wine is the passion of everything he does.

Norway & Sweden wine market overview

This session will explain how to adapt to the Norwegian market, where price is (almost) everything. The Monopoly system requires product visibility to succeed, and a fixed price. The session will present a different focus on the Horeca business and the Monopoly, elements that follow each other, explaining why producers do not like the Monopoly. Tenders are actually not a lottery, and have no flexibility, but they are (almost) the only way to succeed. The session will explain how to do it.