Marco Tonelli

Marco Tonelli is Editor of Spirito Divino. Wine writer, Wset 3, and the first Italian Habanos sommelier, he collaborates with Società Excellence in the organization of Modena Champagne Experience. He also created Bordeauxgraphy, the first Italian web space dedicated exclusively to Bordeaux wines.

Does wine journalism really exist? What is it for? What are its uses?

This session presents a panel discussion with leading figures from Italian wine journalism. The objective is to consider the quality of information and communication surrounding wine today. Correct and effective information is an essential tool for companies and relates directly to sales and customer loyalty. From this perspective, journalists will explore the current status of Italian wine journalism: is it really in step with the times? What role does it play for Italian wineries? What are its strengths and what are its weaknesses? What needs to change in order to better promote Italian wineries and encourage consumer interest and sales? Journalist Chiara Giannotti, creator of and well-known face of wine communication in Italy, will moderate the panel discussion.