Luiz André Batistello IWA

Luiz Batistello is a 41 years old former Lawyer from Brazil. His professional conversion in the wine industry started in 2007.

He holds a WSET Diploma, is IWA in France and WSET marker in 4 languages. Judge for 10 wine competitions in France, England and Italy.

Since a very young age wine was a very interesting subject but after practicing law during 3 years he started his carreer in wine working for restaurants and hotels in England.

He used to be Brand Ambassador and head Sommelier for one of the biggest Brazilian wine importers.

In 2014 he moved to Paris where I started to work with wine education and giving birth to Wine Tours Paris, specialized in wine tours throughout France specialty Champagne and Burgundy.

He is currently working in the creation of a Wine School in the heart of Champagne’s heart – Hautvillers.

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