Jimmy Smith DipWSET

It’s the all-important infectious enthusiasm and passion for the world of wine that enables Jimmy Smith to communicate to his audience in a relaxed, welcoming and fun way.

Jimmy Smith has educated over 6000 students through the WSET Level 1, 2 and 3 Award certification programs and is recognised as one of the leading educators in the United Kingdom of the Wine Scholar Guild programs.

Jimmy has held hundreds of private and corporate tastings across the UK and internationally focusing on the learning and enjoyment of wine, whisky and beer. Jimmy has been running West London Wine School since January 2010. He also co-founded Streatham Wine House in October 2016, became co-owner of South London Wine School in June 2019 and recently launched Wine with Jimmy – an online portal which supports students in their wine studies.

Rethinking and Re-shaping Wine Education over the next 20 years

Without a magic crystal ball this session will explore and discuss how key factors such as changes within the wine industry itself, technological breakthroughs, socio-economic, political & cultural shifts as as well as the ongoing interplay of globalization vs. localization, might just tweak, expand or completely re-invent the concepts of wine education for the future.