Imre Szakacs-Orha DipWset

Imre Szakacs-Orha DipWset is a wine professional (WSET Educator, Speaker, International Wine Judge and Counsellor) from Romania.

He established the first WSET centre in Romania in 2014 and is co-founder of East Cellars Ltd, a company that provides winery equipment and professional counselling for small and medium sized wineries.

His company import premium products such as Tonnellerie Baron, Gamba, Oxoline, Flexcube, Stelvin and Antonio Almeida Corticas to Romania.

He advises some key importers and distributors on their portfolio building.

He is also an MW student, owns a small family single vineyard and is a perseverant promoter of lifelong learning.

How fast are wine consumer trends in Romania changing?

The presentation of “How fast are consumer trends in Romania changing” throws a light on position of Romania on the international market based on import and export market forces. It will cover more in detail the relationship of Romania and Italy in the context of wine. The audience will have a better understanding of the Romanian market and market trends. The session will also reveal the result of a market study on wine consumer habits in Romania. The presentation will include examples of brand segmentation and market positioning of an upcoming winery (Girboiu Winery) and already classic and well established example of Recas Winery. The public will leave the venue with key takeaways from the session.