Ilaria Cappuccini

Ilaria Cappuccini was born in Rimini 26 years ago. After high school, driven by a great passion for cooking, she decided to enroll in the Bachelor in culinary arts at the Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy in Florence. During her university course she delved into theoretical and practical topics in the world of food & wine. She also attended two internships at two starred restaurants and worked in the kitchen alongside Chefs Igles Corelli and then Giampaolo Raschi. After graduation, she continued her studies with a Master in Food & Wine Business at the Luiss Business school in Rome. Attending classes and masterclasses, she also became increasingly passionate about the world of wine. Therefore, for a few months she also works for the podcast Winesoundtrack, touring wineries and interviewing producers especially in his region, Emilia Romagna. When the pandemic strikes she is working in a restaurant in Bologna. Then, finding herself housebound, she pursues an online Master’s degree in Digital Marketing out of a desire to unite the worlds of food and communication.

In January 2021 she opens the Instagram account @just.saywine to talk about the producers and wines she loves. This profile has proved to be a tool for her for tremendous personal and professional growth, knowledge, and insight. In April 2022 she completes her third level AIS sommelier diploma. In December 2021, she launches the all-female startup Blueat. Through this startup, Ilaria and her 5 partners promote the fishing and consumption of allochthonous marine species; they have also created a sustainable supply chain and, probably in December 2022, will come out with their own brand in GDO.

Today, Ilaria’s creativity and her desire for further personal growth drive her to pursue her projects and hope that communicating food and wine, her greatest passions and sources of happiness for as long as she can remember, can be her future.

I’m a tiny boat in a sea of content: how to stand out

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