Hannah Luxenberg-Tono

Hannah Luxenberg Tono worked in production and immersive technologies for over a decade. While leading the mixed reality community in Silicon Valley, she co-founded the Computational Design Institute to further establish groundbreaking research within the technology and immersive reality sectors. 

Previously, Hannah worked as a producer at Tactic, a California based Immersive Creative and Technology Studio, where she worked with companies and wineries, building augmented reality and interactive experiences including the 19 Crimes series, Bogle Wines, Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola, Line 39, and Santi Wines.


The digital landscape for products is growing and interactive experiences are increasing in demand from customers. This talk will highlight success across the wine industry with groundbreaking interactive experiences. We will cover the evolution of experiential branding and the demand from consumers ranging from apps to web-based experiences that bring the label to life in the hands of the user.

How can you get started in building experiences that drive your brand’s voice? Hear from the leaders in the industry about how to start a web campaign and how to effectively grab the attention of customers.