Giulia Di Cosimo

A producer and vice president of the Orvieto Wine Consortium, Giulia Di Cosimo is a winemaker and owner of Argillae, a winery located 20 km north of Orvieto. After graduating from Bocconi University in Milan with a degree in Business Administration and Management, and a master’s degree from SDA, Giulia decided to move to Umbria to give a new impetus to the winery founded by her grandfather Giuseppe in 2005.
With Argillae, Giulia combines her love of wine with another great passion of hers: entrepreneurship. Her ambitious goal is to make Argillae a point of reference in the Umbrian wine scene by focusing on quality, uniqueness, and sustainability. All this is inextricably linked to the desire to grow, enhance, and promote Umbria as a wine region and the territory of Orvieto.

Wine tourism between sustainability and innovation

The wine tourism market is constantly evolving, with tourists becoming more and more demanding and looking for products, services, and experiences capable of satisfying their needs. All the players involved -destinations, industry associations, supply chain operators – are called upon to give an adequate response by focusing on innovation and sustainability. Innovation means creating new connections: with the rural landscape, emphasizing identity, values, traditions, and links with aspects of the social and economic life of these places; with culture, creating new pairings with history, art, design, music, and thus enriching the tourist’s experience with meaning; with wellness, through outdoor experiences (bike tours, e-bikes, mountain biking, wine and taste treks) and activities for relaxation and immersion in nature; and finally, with digital, taking advantage of new technologies (metaverse, augmented reality) to create a never-ending and immersive experience. The future of wine tourism also lies in environmental and especially social sustainability. Wineries can and must adjust their offer to enrich the experience lived by the tourist.