Gianluca Queiroli IWA

After being an international tax consultant for almost 20 years, Gianluca Queiroli made a career switch and joined the wine industry 5 years ago. Originally from Italy, he is now based in the Boston area where he owns and runs Wine Empire, a fine wine retailer. Gianluca holds a law degree, a Master in Accounting & International Tax, and speaks fluently three languages. He also dedicated himself to many aspects of the wine world: tasting events, writing, wine education. He became an Italian Wine Ambassador & Educator (through Vinitaly International Academy) in 2019 and is a certified French Wine Scholar, American Wine Expert, Bordeaux & Burgundy Specialist, Sherry Wine Specialist, holds the WSET Diploma & currently a MW candidate. In 2021, he launched in the U.S. the Italian Wine Maestro Certification.

Wine Education & Market update in the U.S. (NorthEast)

Dive into U.S. 3-tier system to import, distribute, and sell wines in the U.S. while understanding some major markets (MA, NY etc.) fluctuations by value and volume. Discuss the main reasons as to why these markets have performed well or not, such as travel restrictions, education, events, specifically from a distributor and retailer perspective. In particular, Gianluca and Ciro will discuss and share their experience in how wine education has changed and what benefits and challenges were experienced from retailer and distribution standpoint. Lastly, some key grape varieties and appellations on the rise in the market will be shared.