Gemma Richardson IWA

As an Ambassador to the city of Genova and of Italian Wine, Gemma shares the stories of a people, a place, and modern perspectives through their Genoese food brand, Love, Annamaria. While their brand is best known for Amorpesto, an artisanal pesto genovese, Gemma also collaborates with restaurants and conducts online classes to shed light on Ligurian heritage. Gemma was raised in NYC and has worked in hospitality across the US, UK, and Italy. Gemma loves trofie al pesto, baci di dama, and the attractive nose of Colli di Luni DOC.

Politics and wine trade

Wine and politics are an inseparable pairing. This session examines wine politics from two very different perspectives: inside and outside.  First there are the political issues within the wine trade, including within appellation organizations and regional promotional groups, which are magnified by the lack of growth in the global wine market. As globalization’s momentum has shifted, wine has become an unexpected victim in the political trade wars of the past decade from the US to the EU to China, Australia, and beyond. Economist Mike Veseth will examine the what, how, and why of wine’s  prominence in international politics and speculate about what the future may hold.