Gabriele Gorelli MW

Born in 1984, Gabriele Gorelli MW is among the most respected wine experts in Italy. Born and raised in Montalcino, in Tuscany, in 2021 he became the first Italian Master of Wine. Gabriele developed a real passion for wine thanks to his grandfather, who used to be the smallest Brunello di Montalcino producer.

After completing his studies in Languages in 2004, he gained extensive experience in wine visual communication. In 2015, he co-founded KH Wines, which focuses on strategic product and communication consulting for high-end brands. Gabriele speaks English, French and has a basic knowledge of German.

Gabriele is an avid traveler, a trail runner, and an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. Today, he is Brand Ambassador for OENO Group for Italy, Worldwide Faculty Ambassador for Fondazione Banfi, and Brand Ambassador for Vinventions, as well as general chair for the 5StarWines – the Book wine selection.

Italian wine guides: are they still effective communication tools?

Among the various tools for promoting Italian wine culture, wine guides historically had two main tasks: to reward the producers of the featured wines, and to help readers navigate the Italian wines on offer. Is this still the case? The panel of experts gathered for this session will present their views, discussing the current role of wine guides for the different parties involved. For producers, the concrete opportunities represented by participating in selections for a guidebook will be explored. Panelists will also discuss who the readers of these publications are today, and which specific questions they want answered. The wine guide itself as an editorial product will also be observed, considering its various formats in paper, digital or App.

Becoming MW. The Italian way: dedication, discipline, mind maps

Gabriele Gorelli became MW in February 2021. Before then, no Italian had ever even come close to the title, although several had tried. Why? What was the key that made the difference for this Italian professional?

The session, which will take the form of an interview, will reconstruct Gabriele Gorelli’s journey along the MW path and identify the key distinguishing features of his personal experience. The narrative will have two goals: first, to identify what were the challenges and what elements enabled Gabriele to successfully navigate the journey to this milestone; and second, to understand how such success can be replicated by other Italians.

At the heart of the conversation will be the study method developed by Gabriele Gorelli MW for passing the practical part of the MW exam, which will be the subject of a forthcoming textbook currently in progress. This method, based on the organization of content into original mind maps, is a legacy that Gabriele Gorelli MW wants to pass on and make available to anyone who is interested.