Francesca Nonino

Francesca Nonino, 6th generation of the Nonino family, is Head of Web Communication and responsible for the Russian and American markets at Nonino Distillatori. She is also a TEDx Speaker. After a Master’s degree in economics and business management, with a semester at the Yonsei University in Seoul and an internship at Illy Caffè, she joined the family company as a Brand Ambassador. She took two training masters, the bartender certified course, the AIS Sommelier course and the WSET level 3 course. In February 2021 she was contacted by the LinkedIn team to officially become a LinkedIn Influencer. In August 2021 she was officially recognized as “the Grappa influencer” for her merit in innovating the way the company communicates Italy’s most ancient distillate online. Her next goal is to learn the art of craft distillation from her mother and grandfather and become a Master Distiller.

I’m a tiny boat in a sea of content: how to stand out

How to confront the vast ocean of social media, will be addressed by the experts participating in this panel. There are millions of posts that flood social platforms every day, in the attempt to convey a message, promote a product, or empower a brand. Selected from among the most significant wine influencers currently in the market, these speakers will bring their experience in the field of social communication to highlight the most successful strategies for creating interesting and effective content for the target audience and capturing the most users’ attention and interaction.