Erica Landin Löfving

Erica Landin Löfving is the Chief Sustainability Officer of the publicly traded wine group Vintage Wine Estates (Nasdaq: VWE) in California. She joined VWE in June of 2021 after many years as a sustainability focused wine writer in Sweden (Decanter, Allt om Vin, Wine Enthusiast, Meininger’s WBI etc) and consultant in sustainable food systems and certifications (Systembolaget, ICA Group, Orkla, Electrolux…) Mrs. Landin-Lofving has a MSc. in Biology, continued studies in Oenology, WSET III, Sustainable Business Strategy and financial ESG analysis. Though she likes the sustainability impact of working with larger companies, her favorite wines often come from small family producers or “natural” wine projects. The newly launched Sustainable Wine Roundtable, where she is on the steering committee, will be open to members from all parts of the wine industry, of all sizes, from 2022.

Future of sustainability reporting to retailers and financial markets – the development of globally standardized metrics

“Sustainability” in the wine industry oscillates between being the most important topic for the future of the industry and a useless buzzword. The key to making sustainable wine into something tangible and easy to understand for consumers, buyers, journalists and the industry itself is covering the whole supply chain in the work, finding an industry wide agreement on the most important practices, and including science backed metrics. Erica Landin-Lofving, previously a sustainability focused wine writer out of Sweden and consultant to Systembolaget on sustainability certifications, sits on the steering committee of the newly presented global non-profit Sustainable Wine Roundtable. The SWR has as a goal to create a global agreement that can reduce confusion on sustainability in wine. With several large buyers already signatories of the organization, including Waitrose, Whole Foods, Lidl and the Scandinavian monopolies, it will be an important organization for anyone dealing with international sales. The SWR will be open to members from all parts of the wine industry, of all sizes, from 2022. Mrs. Landin-Lofving is also Chief Sustainability Officer of the publicly traded US wine group Vintage Wine Estates (Nasdaq: VWE). The strong interest of the financial markets in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) places different requirements on the company’s structuring and reporting sustainability practices – relevant for any producer dealing with financial institutions in the form of investors, banks or insurance agencies. In this talk you will learn about the objectives of SWR, how to join, and how to start thinking about the entirety of your environmental and social impact in order to align with potential future requirements from buyers and certification agencies. You will also learn about the basics of ESG and how to communicate your sustainability work to financial institutions.