Enzo Vizzari

Enzo Vizzari was born in Varallo Sesia, Vercelli, on June 18, 1946. He received a law degree and became a professional journalist. He began collaborating with local newspapers, including “Brescia Oggi” and “Il Giornale di Brescia,” where he edited a gastronomic column called “Peccati di gola.” He became a food critic shortly after starting a career that was more about travel than food & hospitality. In fact, his career path went from Pirelli, as Head of the Press Office, to Confindustria, first as Head of External Relations in Brescia, then as General Manager of the Biella office. He travelled extensively, both in Italy and abroad, and rediscovered his passion for visiting restaurants and trying new dishes. In 1983 he began working with “Le Guide de L’Espresso”, collaborating with Grand Gourmet, and writing a regular column in Corriere della Sera. He has been director of the Guide section of the L’Espresso Publishing Group since 2001, later becoming Editor in Chief and Curator of the “Guida dei Ristoranti d’Italia”, the “Guida Vini d’Italia”, and the “Guida Alberghi e Ristoranti d’Italia”. Enzo is one of the permanent members of the Grand Jury Européen du Vin. He has also won several awards, including the “Oscar del Vino” award as best journalist from the Italian Sommelier Association in 2005, the “Luigi Veronelli” lifetime achievement award as best food & wine journalist in 2007, and the “La Plume d’Or de la Gastronomie” award for the best non-French food and wine critic in 2017.

Italian wine guides: are they still effective communication tools

Among the various tools for promoting Italian wine culture, wine guides historically had two main tasks: to reward the producers of the featured wines, and to help readers navigate the Italian wines on offer. Is this still the case? The panel of experts gathered for this session will present their views, discussing the current role of wine guides for the different parties involved. For producers, the concrete opportunities represented by participating in selections for a guidebook will be explored. Panelists will also discuss who the readers of these publications are today, and which specific questions they want answered. The wine guide itself as an editorial product will also be observed, considering its various formats in paper, digital or App.