Davy Leung IWA

Davy is a wine educator, wine connoisseur, wine lover and wine writer who contributes to the wine services and education sector, wine magazines and the renowned business schools in both Hong Kong and China.

He believes work-life-balance that he and his clients promote all the time. During working hours, Davy is a Fellow CPA (FCPA) and a specialist of Corporate Finance.

He understood that wine could bring everyone together regardless of races, occupation and income brackets. As such, Davy makes every endeavour to provide consultations to private groups, corporates, and training to business schools in Hong Kong and Greater China, and currently in-charging of a program that focus on the Asia-Pacific consumers to promote the wine culture and market integrity.

Davy is a Certified Italian Wine Educator and Italian Wine Ambassador, Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Specialist of Spirits in the Society of Wine Educators, Certified Spanish Wine Educator, Wines of Portugal Ambassador, Koshu Expert by KEC, associate member of the Institute of Wines & Spirits and La Juraud de Saint Emilion.

He is also a current student of the Masters of Wine. With his contribution in the wine industry, Davy was elected the Chairman of the Society of Wine Educator Hong Kong Chapter since 2017.

Emerging consumer differentiation in China

Too often China is spoken about as one market or the ‘Chinese wine consumer’ described as a monolithic entity. However, the Chinese market is highly segmented and fragmented, with not only geographical delineations demarcating consumer behaviour, but also age-groups, social identifiers and economic status. This talk will analyse various consumer profiles in China and link their traits to wine consumption, both in terms of taste preferences and buying habits. For the wineries looking to build brands in the Chinese market, this will be an invaluable exploration of the diversity of the Chinese markets and will allow for a much more targeted approach to not only identify possible importers and distributors but also to gain insight into the possible end point consumer.