Dave Parker

Formerly a Silicon Valley engineer, David Parker began his professional wine career as the Owner of Parker Family Vineyards, a vineyard in the Alexander Valley. With a unique blend of talents, plus wine and high-tech industry contacts, he has successfully bridged the gap between high-quality wine producers and well-informed fine wine collectors and connoisseurs globally. In 1998, Dave founded Brentwood Wine Company, the first weekly online auction house for fine wine. In 2002, Benchmark Wine Group was established as a retailer, importer, and distributor specializing in hard-to-find, collectible rare wines. Now he is CEO of First Growth Technologies, including CellarPros, a service company focused on the needs of the serious wine collector and fine wine professional.

Dave Parker is the sitting President of the National Association of Wine Retailers, representing over 40,000 retailers across the United States. The NAWR lobbies in Washington DC on behalf of wine retailers against poor legislation including the interstate shipping commerce clause, tariffs, and other legal efforts.

How to sell fine wine in the US through multi-channel marketing
Even before the pandemic, trends in alcohol sales were pushing towards deregulating the three-tier system. While the three tier-system offers many benefits to society, including economic, commercial, and safety measures, a healthy distribution system should never impede any winery from entering the US Market. A Multi-Channel marketing system keeps the distribution system in check preventing barriers to competition. Dave Parker, CEO of Benchmark Wine Group and President of the National Association of Wine Retailers, will discuss all the opportunities for multi-channel selling to allow any wine brand to legally enter the US market and the channels of which exist to do so.