Chris Scott

Chris Scott and wife Jane Scott established ThirtyFity in 2002. The name originates from the latitudes where the majority of the world’s wine grapes are grown, between 30 degrees and 50 degrees latitude, North and South of the equator. They set about demystifying wine by bringing fun and no-nonsense wine tastings to people in their own homes. Inspired by a mutual love of wine and a growing interest in the subject, they trained up on wine with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. From private tastings at home they quickly expanded to corporate events and wine courses and they introduced an online shop, enabling customers to buy any of the wines they’d enjoyed at their tastings.
In 2015 they were delighted to win the International Wine Challenge Wine Educator of the Year award for the second time! They first won the award in 2008 and to win again was a great achievement, recognising their team’s great efforts in educating more and more people about wine through tastings and courses, as well as the educational benefits of their weekly wine podcast, The UK Wine Show. Hosted by Chris, it is now in its tenth year. This is the UK’s first ever wine podcast. Chris explores the wine scene in the UK and during each show he interviews winemakers, consumers, critics, wine bar owners and so many others in the world of wine; if it’s about wine in the UK, Chris will try to cover it. Chris believes that knowledge can significantly improve ones enjoyment of wine, so he also picks up and passes on some great wine tips & tricks throughout his shows.