Benny Lonardi

Journalist, from Verona, Benny is Director of Ispropress, the 100 percent press office agency that is difficult to pronounce but easy to read. A law graduate, she has transfigured her passion for law with that for communication. She has been working in tandem with Simone Velasco for more than 20 years. Wine, agribusiness, tourism but also economics, automotive and the trade fair system are the sectors she works on daily.

The unbearability of communicating sustainability – in collaboration with UIV

“Sustainability” is the new buzzword in Italy. It has taken the place of “resilience” and – before that – “restart.” These words are the spirits of an era, effortlessly traceable on TV prime-time or thousands and thousands of times every day in newspapers, on social media, among the political tables. But, net of self-celebrations increasingly on everyone’s lips, “sustainability” is also a serious thing, and how. This session presents a panel discussion with Unione italiana Vini to understand the risks and opportunities for wine involved in a word – now promoted to Decree – which has a socio-ecological flavor and on whose bandwagon too many “Portuguese” are jumping, undermining the relationship of trust with consumers.