Åsa Johansson

Freelance writer Åsa Johansson moved to Italy in 2001. After a degree in political science and journalism at the University of Florence and WSET studies, today she writes about wine, culture and travel for several of the most influential newspapers in Sweden, Norway, Canada and Italy. She has visited all twenty Italian regions and is traveling a large part of the year. She has started Sweden’s first podcast about Italian wines, Italienpodden.se and also makes her own Tuscan extra virgin oil, La Collina Blu. Right now, she is writing the study material for the step-two course on Italian wines for Sweden’s new sommelier school, The Wine Hub, where Åsa will also teach.

Norway & Sweden wine market overview

Scandinavian countries are highly attractive export markets in the present due to a plethora of reasons. Since Sweden is not a wine producing country (wine production is still very small) it is an open-minded wine market and is more and more following global trends. Wine consumption has been on the rise in Sweden, placing it on top as the highest alcohol consuming country in Scandinavia. As a result, to satisfy the increasing demand, wine consumption means increasing wine imports.

  • The market is regulated by a state monopoly, Systembolaget AB; how does it work, and which other distribution channels are possible?
  • How does the Italian wines sell in Sweden?
  • Which trends are strong right now?