Anton Moiseenko

Anton Moiseenko is a wine journalist and wine projects manager based in Moscow. He has been covering the Russian wine market writing for titles like Meininger’s Wine Business International, Harpers Wine and Spirit, The Drinks Business, IWSC, Il Corriere Vinicolo and Wine Spectator. Today he is involved in promotional wine projects for wine regions and wineries managing complex communication activities in the Russian market.

His web-site is aimed at trade professionals, sommeliers and wine enthusiasts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other parts of the Russian-speaking world. Anton is a frequent visitor to Italy and its wine regions.

Wine Influencers: how are they doing in Russia?
In a quest for effective wine communications, two market professionals – Vlada Lesnichenko and Anton Moiseenko – will explore the intricasies and ways of promoting wine, wineries and wine regions in the Russian market.
Together they will take a look at Russian influencer community, effectiveness of wine influencers as communicators and discuss the best cases and practices in the wine communications in Russia. If you are a representative of a winery or a wine region, this seminar will leave you with practical understanding of route to effective Russian market communications.