Amy Gross

Amy Gross is the Founder and CEO of VineSleuth/ Wine4.Me, which uses flavor data and machine learning to make flavor-based wine, beer and cider recommendations. Her engaging personality and experiences in building VineSleuth have caused Amy to become a sought after keynote speaker on wine, AI and data integrity, personalization, and her entrepreneurial journey.

She makes the intricate understandable and has hosted nearly 100 virtual wine tasting events for global and boutique clients, and has presented globally at such events as the Mobile World Congress, VinExpo in Bordeaux and the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, with live (in person) audiences as large as 16,000.

Amy created VineSleuth after a trip to Napa in 2009, that left her puzzled about her wine choices and wanting a personal recommendation engine… And so she got to work.

She began studying wine and the business of wine, and then began writing about both, visiting wineries on 4 continents. Pulling together the talents of sensory scientists at Cornell University, winemakers, a master brewer, an applied mathematician, wine educators and more, she directed the creation of VineSleuth’s web applications, earning 3 patents.

Her work with VineSleuth has been noted in the New York Times, Fortune, CNN, and Meininger’s Wine Business International, among others. In 2020, Amy was honored as one of two Rising Stars in the wine industry by the national industry organization, Women for WineSense. She was also recognized as one of the top 30 women advancing AI in Texas.

How to use wine apps to increase sales and market share

Wine apps have made some changes since they first hit the scene. For wineries is critical to optimize opportunities that wine apps can offer. Helping consumers get the right wine for them, collect valuable consumer data, and shorten the sales cycle are just a few examples of the benefits provided by wine apps.

Which wine apps are still relevant? Which ones will impact your bottom line? And how can wineries use them to stay ahead of the trends and increase sales? Amy Gross, CEO of VineSleuth, is back to share an overview of the wine app landscape and give a deep dive into key apps to watch. She will suggest practical strategies for working with wine apps (both directly and indirectly), analyzing the data they share, and growing your business and digital footprint.