Alicia Lini

Alicia Lini represents the fourth generation of the Lini family, producers of some of Italy’s most acclaimed and highly rated sparkling wines. Since 1910, when they first established their winery in Correggio township (Reggio Emilia province, in the region of Emilia-Romagna), they have never followed the trends or fashions that have driven Lambrusco production in this century and the last.

They make their Lambrusco — including their classic method Lambrusco, produced using traditional hand-riddling — the same way they always have: The traditional “dry” style of Lambrusco, with a focus on freshness, brilliant fruit flavors, and food-friendliness. They ascribe their success to their vision of what Lambrusco is and should be. And it’s thanks to their patience and precision that they have been able to create such iconic wines from their appellation.

How fast are wine consumer trends in Romania changing?

The presentation of “How fast are consumer trends in Romania changing” throws a light on position of Romania on the international market based on import and export market forces. It will cover more in detail the relationship of Romania and Italy in the context of wine. The audience will have a better understanding of the Romanian market and market trends. The session will also reveal the result of a market study on wine consumer habits in Romania. The presentation will include examples of brand segmentation and market positioning of an upcoming winery (Girboiu Winery) and already classic and well established example of Recas Winery. The public will leave the venue with key takeaways from the session.