Alexi Curlee Cashen

Alexi Curlee Cashen is often referred to as the ‘Chief Executive Optimist’ –spreading the gospel of empathetic customer service, sales panache and meticulous operations. She scours ideas and drives solutions, strategy and above all else –positivity! Celebrating 19 years of experience in the food and wine industry, Alexi’s career is marked by a wealth of roles in hospitality, retail, wholesale and supplier positions. Starting out in the restaurant industry in her home state of Colorado, Alexi moved to New York City to season her career with positions at Craft Restaurant, Morrell & Company, Oriel Wines & Polaner Selections. Competitive and quick to see people and scenarios through different lenses, Alexi makes sales and marketing her expressed talent.

Alexi’s logistics prowess came with co-founding Elenteny Imports with colleague and friend, Tim Elenteny. Building a logistics business for sales and marketers required an expressed understanding of ‘how it works.’ Eyes wide open, Alexi took on the operations and started building a team that continues to grow in New York, Colorado & California. Alexi has a keen eye for fundamentally analyzing new and growing businesses in the wine industry. She quickly boils down best practices and guides her teams and customers through the myriad of details that make up the US alcohol three-tier distribution system. Alexi thrives on B2B technologies that improve operations and information.

How brands can overcome supply chain disruptions

Reports indicate that there is no end in sight to the record pace of import cargo, the congestion at global ports and terminals, the shortage of warehouse space and labor, and the continued schedule disruptions through the year and into 2022. The pandemic combined with these challenges has created the biggest shipping challenge in the last 20 years. With these challenges on the supply chain, Alexi will identify how brands can ensure their products reach the US market and offer insight into how brands can change their business models and take control of their logistics.