Alexandra Alexandrova IWA

Alexandra Alexandrova became a VIA Italian Wine Ambassador in 2016. She also holds a WSET Diploma and a Weinakademiker title. Latterly as a Stage 2 student of the Institute of Masters of Wines, she spends several months every year travelling to various wine regions around the world to further her wine knowledge. She is originally from Moscow, where she was working in restaurant business as a wine director at Gourmet Alliance Group. Three years ago Alexandra have been moved in Budapest, where she is living now, working as freelance wine consultant and starting to write about italian wines for hungarian wine and gourmet magazine Vince. She judges at VinAgora International Wine Contest in Hungary and at other wine competitions in Europe, Mondial des Vins Blancs, Mondial des Vins Extrêmes and 5StarWines.

The overview of Hungarian wine market

Hungary is the country with long history of wine production and strong wine culture. Wine consumption per capita is high and 22% of country’s adult population can be classified as frequent wine drinkers, that consume wine at least once per week. Since 2019 Italy has the largest share ofHungary’s imported wines both in volume and value. These facts make Hungary an interesting export market for wines from Italy and the session will give the overview of Hungarian wine market in aim to explore the opportunities. After brief introduction about Hungarian wine market and wine production size and export, the presentation will show the dynamic of imported wines in Hungary in the past ten years, focusing on wines imported from Italy, in particular. The presentation will touch import of bulk, sparkling and still bottled wines. Moreover, session will give overview of retail market structure and wine prices in Hungary. Also, it will give insights about consumption behaviour and socio-demographic profile of wine drinkers, their habits preferences in terms of type of wine and sweetness level.