Alberto Martinez Interiano IWA

Alberto Martinez Interiano is a VIA Italian Wine Ambassador, wine educator, and writer based in Seattle, WA. He currently works as an instructor at The Cellar Muse Wine School in Seattle, and also teaches Italian and Spanish wine courses at the Wine & Spirit Archive in Portland, OR. His passion for wine started when he lived in Tuscany as a student, where he fell in love with Chianti and rustic Italian food.

After being bitten by the wine bug, his curiosity led him to read all the wine books he could get his hands on, join multiple tasting groups, and later pursue a formal wine education in San Francisco and Seattle. Alberto is a big fan of Italian wines, in particular old-school Barolo & Barbaresco, Etna (Rosso & Bianco), and Campanian whites. He’s traveled extensively throughout Northern and Central Italy and next on his travel wish list are trips to Sicily and Sardinia. He holds the WSET Diploma and has an MBA in Marketing and International Business. He speaks Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese and is now working on his French. He writes for his blog and is a contributing blogger at the Vintner Project:

Growing the field of Hispanic wine educators

The Hispanic consumer in the US (defined as people with origins in Latin America or Spain) is a significant segment of the US market both in terms of size and economic importance. Wine consumption among US Hispanic consumers has grown considerably during the last few years and represents a large, untapped opportunity. Hispanics have close cultural, linguistic, and culinary ties with many winegrowing countries and share similar values. However, the industry faces several challenges to accelerate this growth. Hispanic wine educators have the potential of acting as a bridge to reach these consumers with culturally relevant initiatives, training, and resources.